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Sri Guru Harkrishan Adarsh Senior Secondary School

Our school has basically opened to provide free education to the poor and needy students who want to study but because of their family conditions it was very difficult for them to study.

Our school provides free books, free uniform and the basic need to the students. Our basic motto is “To let every child grow at their best” because if wings had been given to the students they can fly easily.

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Principal Desk
Pooja Shukla

The development of any democratic country depends on the status and performance of its Education System. School education is an interesting and challenging...

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Management Views

It is well known that a drop of water in lake has no identity but if it is on the leaf of lotus, It shines like the star in the sky.

Everybody has right to live life in the world to the fullest because human being is a rare precious species in living world. This world is very complicated and challenging.

Modernization has given birth to competitions, pressures and stress. There are some moments in life of human beings when they face challenges. Someone has beautifully said, “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”.

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