• CBSE Affiliation Number : 1670020

President Message

The motto for my service to Chief Khalsa Diwan Charitable Society for the years to come shall be to promote Sikhism and Education (Sikhi-te-Sikhya).

I feel that the educational system in the country has been facing hardships from the past several years due to lack of better facilities and opportunities for the youth to excel in their fields of interests. As a matter of fact, overall economic growth has remained disconnected from employment generation noting that young people continue to suffer from persistent unemployment and lack of quality job opportunities even after attaining best education. It is my personal belief that it is high time that such established organizations like Chief Khalsa Diwan Charitable Society must invest heavily into skill-oriented education that help achieve the goals of utmost employment in the country.

Apart from the employment concern, we have a target to uplift our rural institutions that are offering education to the local prodigy at very nominal charges. The infrastructural facilities, content, and media of delivering information to them will surely be improving by leaps and bounds. We will invest into training of teachers from now on by integrating a system through which the highly experienced teachers will train the fresh ones at a centralized place, and it is my firm belief that this step will extremely benefit the students in turn. The rural schools will be affiliated to CBSE and ICSE boards to further uplift the standard of institutions in accordance with modern beliefs.

Keeping in mind its fundamental objectives, Chief Khalsa Diwan also took upon itself, propagation of the Sikh Way of Life as described by the Sikh Gurus included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to reach the masses through religious seminar and Amrit Sanchar programme etc. Chief Khalsa Diwan has set up Dharam Parchar Committee for this purpose and also appointed independent religious teachers in all the schools of Chief Khalsa Diwan. These religious teachers teaches Sikhism and Gurbani to the students on the basis of religious books named Dharam Pothies published by Educational Committee of the Diwan. These Dharam Pothies are prepared for all the classes independently.

Though we have many schools, colleges, orphanages, old age homes and hospitals are being managed by Chief Khalsa Diwan, but to upgrade them as per the expectations of the Society, I firmly believe that now we must move forward. We really want to take the concept of quality education at affordable cost to the masses and are already charting plans for the same.

Furthermore, we are encouraging the education through smart boards and now is the era of technological advancements, the students must be able to think beyond just books and notebooks. Therefore, the schools are being transformed to techno savvy centres of learning where there is much more than bookish knowledge to be imparted.

We are pledged to live up to the rising expectations of parents and setting a benchmark in the field of quality education.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh..!