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Principal Message

Arvinder Kaur

The development of any democratic country depends on the status and performance of its Education System. School education is an interesting and challenging exercise in itself. Earlier it might been a mechanical process but now in the modern concept, it is a scientific programmed to be undertaken in a very logical manner. In the emerging new world, children need to develop basic practical skills of communication, measurement, computation and analysis. They need to learn how to preserve environment and use machines and gadget rather than came from science textbooks.

They need to learn to cope and maintain physical and mental fitness beyond what is taught in ‘Physical Education’ classes. They need to understand the value of national holidays and significance of national events rather than merely considering it as yet another day to spend in leisure. They need to learn to understand, adjust and respect others while maintaining their surroundings, society and culture. To guide the children on this path, we have been continuously upgrading our curriculum and teaching methodologies, hereby helping to create better society for tomorrow where the citizens are physically fit, emotionally mature, socially stable, morally just and ethically right.